DLC LED Linear High Bay G3

TUBU’s linear high bay is wireless lights with remote. Different beam angle 40° 90° 80X155° options, 130lm/W with internal drivers, 80W, 120W, 150W, 180W available

Model No LHB-180W LHB-150W LHB-120W LHB-80W
Ambient temp -35 ~ +40℃ -35 ~ +40℃ -35 ~ +40℃ -35 ~ +40℃
Input Voltage 90~305V 90~305V 90~305V 90~305V
Luminous Efficiency 130lm/W 130lm/W 130lm/W 130lm/W
IP Grade IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Dimension 1420*100*77mm 1139*100*77mm 858*100*77mm 577*100*77mm
Power 180W 150W 120W 80W